Roller blinds are simple in design, stylish and easy to operate.  The blind is rolled up or down to achieve your required level of shading / privacy.  One of the most basic blinds, offering a clean finish.  Ideal for small windows and commercial premises – they’ve stood the test of time so well.

Fabric Range

A full and vibrant range of fabrics especially chosen to complement and co-ordinate with any room in the house – from sheer, to blackout blinds and numerous  designs for your living area, children’s rooms or utilities (water-resistant finishes are available for bathrooms).

Fabric Properties

On the reverse of product swatches, you will find symbols dedicated to the fabrics’ properties, eg:

  • Suitable for moist conditions
  • Anti-glare (particularly good with electronic device screens)
  • Dim-out
  • Easy-wipe (particularly good for kitchens)
  • Fire-retardant

Accessories / Finishing Touches

To further personalise your choice and coordinate with your interior room design, choose from:

  • decorative scallops
  • braids
  • pulls
  • poles/wands
  • eyelets


Very easy to use

Clean Lines

Great blackout option for bedrooms

Different shapes available to finish the bottom of the blind


Spring-loaded mechanism can be difficult to control, so go for the “soft raise” option

Not good at controlling the light coming into a room – Roller blinds are basically either up, or down

Roller Blinds have gone through a make-over stage, with new developments such as “Soft Raise” which allows the blind to raise “as if by  magic” – avoiding those hanging chains.


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