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With more and more consumers utilising their loft space and converting it to living space, Roof Blind systems are on the rise.  Designed to perfectly fit Velux, Keylite, Rooflite and Fakro windows (each window has its own bespoke side channels).

The Skye system is available as a readymade option with a choice of top-selling blackout colours or as a made-to-measure product using our Roller Blind collection, offering plans, designs, dim-out or blackout.

The soft contour of the aluminium fascia and the sleek guides house the roller fabric discreetly within the roof window.  The tensioned system enables and offers optimum light control .  The blind’s complementary aluminium bottom bar glides effortlessly in the side guides to any desired position. 

The brackets and systems have been designed to ensure fitting is as efficient and simple as possible, with a maximum of 6 screw points.

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An innovative system, avoiding the need for any screws and fittings – particularly important where UPVC is used, for example in conservatories or replacement window construction, or skylights.

Available as Roller, Venetian or Pleated blind.  They are designed for UPVC windows and doors and used extensively in conservatories.  The blind fits directly onto the double-glazed window, with no drilling or screwing into the window frame.  This unique system enables the blinds to move with the windows or doors, when opening and closing. 

The Perfect Fit blind fits into a frame which is attached to the window, with brackets which slide between the glass and the rubber glazing bead – no interference with window ledges or handles.   The Perfect Fit frame fits flush up against the window, so there are no gaps down the sides of the blind.  This gives greater privacy and can save on energy bills by retaining heat in winter.  The blinds take up no room on your window sill.  The Pleated and Roller options have no unsightly cords or control.

Our made-to-measure, Perfect Fit blinds are ideal for both homes and businesses.  Ideal for those looking for a sophisticated, highly convenient shade solution and available in a wide range of fabrics, colours, styles and textures.  Perfect Fit blinds enhance the architectural beauty and functionality of any window.

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Energy efficient style.  Pleated blinds (sometimes referred to as Plisse) are an attractive and versatile alternative to a Roller or Venetian blind.  The blinds have very slim top and bottom rails and draw up to the top of the window very neatly when not required – taking up less room than other types of blind.  Pleated blinds are ideal for use in all rooms of the house, however they have a particular place in the conservatory.

There are two blind types available:

  1. A free-hanging blind for windows and conservatory glass walls and doors

  2. A rectangular skylight blind, suitable for glass ceilings and roofs.

Pleated blinds come in a large range of subtle and vibrant shades, with the majority having an energy-saving coating.  The Skylight version can be installed as a “bottom up” blind option – ideal for shaped windows.

They feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes the shades soft, durable and highly energy efficient.  The shades have built-in insulating characteristics that keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter.  Available in numerous colours and a wide variety of opaque, semi-opaque fabrics and black-out fabrics. 

Saves energy

Superb insulation.  Heat loss at the (double glazed) window can be reduced by up up to 46%, saving up to 51% of heating energy

Blocks heat

Superb heat locking.  The amount of solar heat entering your home is reduced by up to 78%

Absorbs sound

The echo effect and reverberation of noise are reduced and the room acoustics improve by up to 45%

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Motorised blinds have always been considered a premium product, an extravagance beyond the reach of most.  This is now a thing of the past, with cost-effective battery operated and mains powered options now making luxury affordable.

Motorised blinds are revolutionising the way we look at light management.  Epitomising comfort, control and style, these discrete motors are far from being a gimmick.  This technology provides an ideal solution for those hard to reach places and are a perfect child-safety product, eliminating the requirement for operating cords.

  • Easy installation of battery-operated solutions removes the need for mains wiring – creating cost-effective motorised blinds

  • Mains powered systems are available for the larger domestic or commercial installations

  • Assisted living – motorised blinds help improve the quality of life for those who may require help with everyday tasks around the home

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We offer premium retractable screens which allow the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors to refresh your interior, whilst keeping insects, UV rays, autumn foliage and even light rain at bay.  Enjoy having your windows and doors open for longer, even during the cooler months.

More Hygienic

As well as being an annoyance, insects can pose serious health risks if they contaminate your food or food preparation areas, which is why insect screens are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms, both domestic and commercial. The fly screen’s cassette forms a complete seal around the mesh to make sure no insects can sneak in around the edges, offering superior protection. Our fly screens can also offer peace of mind for those allergic to insect bites or stings and allow you to enjoy the summer without having to worry about insects getting into your home. They’re particularly good for bedrooms to keep rooms cool whilst protecting you and your family from biting insects that fly in on hot summer nights.


Insect screens are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit any door or window, from 0.3m hopper windows to 7m bi-fold doors, and even larger openings. The frames can be finished in any RAL colour plus a variety of wood grains to coordinate with your existing decor and become a perfectly integrated feature of your home. The retractable design of the screen means that the mesh rolls into the housing out of sight when not in use making it one of the most discreet screening systems on the market.

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Shutters provide privacy, style and light control.  Uniquely, they can be tailored to fit almost any shape of window perfectly.  They are versatile and can be manufactured to the full window height, or mounted “tier-on-tier” to create frames within frames.  With particularly tall windows (or windows surmounted with stained glass panes), the classic Cafe Style may be preferable – leaving the uppermost glazing exposed, maximising light whilst still providing adequate privacy.

Unlike curtains that hide the shape and feel of your carefully designed room and offer only an open/shut position, a tailored set of shutters will blend into your architecture, highlight your windows and provide the versatility to invite the light in to suit your mood, or block it out completely when privacy is required. With shutters, you can adjust the light manually or with a revolutionary remote control option.

Shutters are easy to use and to clean; ideal if you suffer from dust allergies. 

Made to measure shutters and blinds are long-lasting and  increase the intrinsic value of your property.

No less than six coats of stain or paint are applied to the shutters before your order leaves the suppliers.  Each and every shutter is made to your specification, crafted and quality checked by craftsmen in an overseas state-of-the-art production facility.  Shutters are engineered to counteract the timber’s natural tendency to twist with the grain.  It’s more work, but it ensures that the shutters are truly balanced.  Through years of experience, this is the best way to prevent warping and distortion which can arise in shutters manufactured without using this advanced process

Created from the finest basswood, Madison and Vermont offer choices in whites, wood stains and contemporary urban colours.  The beauty of wood is emulated through the Nevada range of HSBC shutters, which are ideally suited to bathrooms.

Blade Widths: 47mm / 63mm /   89mm and 114mm

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Atmospheric moments – until well into the night

A patio / terrace Awning is an investment that will last for many years.  It will become a part of your property and serve to enhance your outdoor living area, whether for quieter relaxing moments or gatherings of family and friends, increasing the intrinsic value of your property.

Excepting heavy snowfall, our Awning systems can give you additional outside space you can use as an additional, all-weather room.  Don’t let the rain spoil outdoor get-togethers and BBQs ever again!  No longer with the typical British weather with its sudden rain showers spoil your plans.   

During the summer months, what can be better to suit under your patio/terrace awning, sipping a cool drink?   Hot summer sun and bright, intense glare will be a thing of the past.  Patio awnings are very simple to use and are tailored to your home.  Your Awning will protect you, your pets and your furniture from the heat and harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.  It is a fact that you can stay 7 degrees cooler under your patio awning. 

With light boxes now available, you can get full use of your awning into the night to extend those summer evenings into lantern-lit get togethers with friends and family. 

Cooler Spring and Autumn evenings are no longer a problem as you can use integrated Awning heating and various lighting solutions, in addition to side screens and drop down valances to deflect those chilly evening winds.

Our Awning covers have a Teflon coating which helps keep you dry.  A select few of our Awnings have features to help remove rain water quickly and efficiently – only if correctly installed and set at a good, steep angle.  We have been fitting Awnings here at MDM Blinds for more than a decade so you can relax and leave the expert fitting and angling / installation position to us

Cassette Awnings

The practical awning style provides perfect protection for the roller, cover and arm system – they are all stored in a closed cassette.  When retracted, the moving arm part closes and seals the cassette – keeping out the bad weather, dirt and wind.  Your awning remains as attractive as it was when installed. 

Semi-Cassette Awnings

Semi-cassette awnings protect the fabric and when the front rail is fully closed, the mechanism is tucked away safely.  A great alternative to the full cassette.

Open Awnings

Open awnings are the entry-level products to the range.  Particularly suited to installation under a balcony or roof overhang, where a cassette is not required.  The addition of a top profile protects the fabric from the elements.

Intelligent Accessories – State of the Art Radio Electronics for Patio Comfort

Tempura Infra-Red Heating System

Cosy warmth on cooler days.  Pleasant, instant heat without any pre-heating, the energy-efficient Tempura infrared heater delivers a heat output of over 1500 watts.  Very easy to operate and dim, using the  radio control system.

Weather Sensors

Automatically react to wind and weather.  They open your awning automatically when the sun comes out and can optionally retract it in the rain and wind

Bi-Connect Radio Control

The relaxed way to operate your awning, heating and lighting,  using a pre-programmed hand transmitter (with or without a display).  Available in silver or black (or even using the App)

Gear Drive

You can also open and retract your awning using a gear handle if preferred (for example if it isn’t possible to connect to a power supply.  This is equally a good solution of you seldom use your awning.

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The right choice of conservatory roof and side blinds will help you make the most of your conservatory, orangery or sunroom.  Your conservatory is probably too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?  Even if it isn’t actually that cold, the large expanse of glass can make it appear colder than it is and the glare in the summer can be blinding.

Even with specialist glass treatments, conservatories can be hot and in any case, you’ll still need blinds for privacy control. 

Everything combines to help you create the perfect living space, all year round.  We have the perfect solutions for roofs, windows and doors including awkwardly shaped windows and bi-fold doors.

Roof Blinds.

Roller, pleated and venetian blinds for double-glazed windows, doors and conservatories – Perfect Fit is today’s innovative solution.

The system is unique; the blind fits neatly into a stylish frame which moves together with the windows and doors, open or closed, offering the perfect combination of shade and ventilation. 

There is an extensive range of fabrics, textures and colours to match your interior design. 

Positive Benefits

No drilling or screwing into your window frames; quick and easy installation

Reduced gaps at the edge of the blinds increases privacy

Child safe – no loose cords, chains or loops

Window sills remain clutter-free

Easily removable for cleaning

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Roman blinds are easy to use and offer excellent light control at the tip of your fingers.  The diversity of fabric choice within this range means that all individual tastes and performance requirements are satisfied.  The clean, simple lines of a Roman blind give the impression of expanding the space in a room.

Roman blinds can be used in any room of the house whether you require a privacy blackout fabric for the bedroom, or a light-filtering fabric for the conservatory.

The chain system – moves the blind up and down by either pulling the front or the back of the chain (supplied in either White or Chrome).


Can be customised by selecting from a range of co-ordinating and contrasting accessories.  Eyelets, braids, co-ordinating and contrasting bottom bars are just some of the choices you can make to stylise your blinds.



Stunning fabric designs to complement any colour scheme to satisfy every palette

Additional lengths of matching fabric can be purchased for cushion covers, etc

Translucent fabrics to gently filter the sunshine

Blackout fabrics to block sunlight and enhance privacy and sleep

Energy saving fabrics to insulate your home and keep you warm in winter.  Roman blinds fit neatly against the window, keeping you warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

Fabrics with specialist treatments and suitable for moist conditions

Robust and easy-to-clean fabrics that can be wiped with a damp cloth



Blinds don’t fully close –  one fold always stays

Typically Roman blinds are either up or down – impaired light control

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Partnering delicate voile sheers with beautifully crafted woven fabrics in a selection of textured weaves and colours.  Consisting of two layers of intricately woven fabrics that move in tandem to offer precise light control and privacy.  Supplied in a cassette system with ball chain and side-winder control

An extensive range of luxurious sheers complemented with unique fabric textures and finishes for the more discerning consumer, from perfectly plain fabrics woven from delicate yearns to geometric designs and natural finishes – a vast colour palette to choose from.


Very easy to use – choice of control options

Clean lines

Great blackout option (for bedrooms)

Different shapes available to finish the bottom of the bind


Spring loaded mechanism can be difficult to control – go for the chain / Soft Raise options

Not good at controlling incoming light – Duo Roller oller blinds typically either up or down

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